My name is Oliver Hazard Perry Cabot. I have been working on my family’s tree for decades. Last year, after finding the Lake Erie Island Historical Society website page (http://leihs.org/Perry.html) , I had several exchanges with Ms. Susan Cooper and the very industrious consulting genealogist, Alexander Perry Scott. I had already seen Mr. Scott’s work.

Mr. Scott, I, the Newport Historical Society Archivist, Bert Lppincott, and another relative have been consulting for months, contacting dozens of descendants, to create the most accurate possible OHP descendant tree. It is our hope to create a Bicentennial version of what the Newport Historical Society had done for the Centennial. That work is still available as “Items of Interest Concerning Oliver Hazard Perry in Newport, and Newport in the War of 1812”, 1913, NHS.

We are maintaining this tree in multiple formats, including MS Excel for ease of annotation and transmission. This is the outline for me.

Oliver Hazard Perry, Como. (1785-1819), m. Elizabeth Champlin Mason (12 Feb 1791-11 Feb 1858), had:
Oliver Hazard Perry II (23 Feb 1815-30 Aug 1878), m.(2) Mary Ann Mosely (12 Oct 1824-12 May 1891), had:
Oliver Hazard Perry III (1851), m. Sarah Augusta Haggett (21 Jan 1852-27 Jan 1921), had:
Helen Perry ((24 Aug 1882 MA-14 Dec 1922), m. George Dodge Cabot (6 Jul 1881 MA-22 Feb 1961), had:
Oliver Hazard Perry Cabot (6 Jun 1914-24 Jul 1965), m. Anne Randolph Gray (21 Apr 1915-4 Sep 2008), had:
Oliver Hazard Perry Cabot, Jr. (1942)

As Mr. Lippincott has noted, the Perry surname is extinct insofar as OHP descendants are concerned. But our count of living direct descendants now exceeds 160, and there are three with the moniker, “OHP____”. We are excited to have the reunion of descendants and friends get together Labor Day Weekend for the Battle of Lake Erie Celebration. Join us on the way as we share stories and insights into the man we admire, Oliver Hazard Perry.


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  1. Dear Oliver,

    My name is Rachel Wilson and I am a Creative Assistant at Lou Reda Productions. I am checking in with you today to let you know that things are falling into place for We Have Met the Enemy: The Battle of Lake Erie and to get a sense of your schedule in the coming months in order organize our on-camera interviews. What is your schedule looking like in the month of September? Also, where you will be located during that time? We are hoping to find locations relatively close to your area to film the interviews. We will cover all of your necessary expenses (lodging, food, travel).

    As you can imagine, we are reaching out to a number of potential interviewees, and once we hear back from everyone, a schedule will begin to materialize. Thank you for providing this information. If you have further questions or suggestions, please contact our Associate Producer, Conner Woods at connerwoods89@gmail.com or on his cell phone 908-246-2942. We look forward to connecting with you.


    Rachel Wilson
    Creative Assistant
    Lou Reda Productions

    Lou Reda Productions is internationally known as a producer of top-quality historic, non-fiction programming. Over 30 years we have produced more than 500 hours of programming for US and international television networks, including A&E, History, National Geographic, BIO, Discovery, Military Channel, CBS, HDNet and Viacom. While garnering immense praise in the form of People’s Choice Award, a Peabody, eight Emmy nominations (including one win), five Cine Golden Eagles and nine Tellys. Among our most recent productions are the event television series WWII in HD (narrated by Gary Sinise) and Vietnam HD (narrated by Michael C. Hall), produced for History and Brothers in War (narrated by Charlie Sheen) for National Geographic.

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